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Boudoir Photography - A Special Gift for Your Partner

Are you struggling to identify a unique gift for your partner, for their birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion?  If so, you should consider the most unique and personal gift possible – a bound presentation album of high-quality intimate photographs of yourself, produced by specialists in makeover photoshoots.

Every day, we are barraged by marketing images of glamorous models in newspapers, magazines and on television, creating a perceived benchmark for beauty, which is difficult to replicate in everyday life.  When you wake-up in the morning, return home from a long day’s work or otherwise appear to your partner as a normal person, it can be difficult for them to see you as being equally beautiful to the models in the media!  So, why not create a permanent record of how beautiful you really are, to remind your partner how lucky they are to have you in their life, each and every day of the year, however you may look on any given day!

Boudoir Photography is a unique glamorous and sensual style of makeover photography, offered by specialist studios, designed to create intimate images of you, for that special person in your life.  The makeover element includes the services of a top make-up-artist, and the best studios have their own wardrobe of lingerie and other clothing and accessories, to help transform you into whatever boudoir style you prefer.  Thereafter, boudoir studios use the same techniques used in shooting professional models, to transform your everyday appearance into that of a glamorous model.  The tricks-of-the-trade applied by the experts include: selecting the right poses for the client, to emphasise their best feature; using different styles of lighting, to further emphasise aspects of the client; using different sets and backgrounds, to create the right context for the images; and applying the same post-processing techniques (commonly known as air-brushing) used to produce marketing and celebrity images, by removing those little imperfections that make us all unique!

Boudoir Photography is special, because the images are designed to be intimate and alluring, to be seen by your partner and nobody else – they are not intended to be printed, framed and hung in your living-room!  They are designed to show you in a way that only your partner knows.  As the images are not for open display, they are usually printed in a bound album, making an ideal gift for your partner.

If you want to arrange a Boudoir Photography shoot, you should find a very good specialist studio, as the results from non-specialists can be tacky.  When comparing studios, you should carefully consider the total cost of the shoot, including the images and the printed album.  The best studios will offer all inclusive prices, with no hidden charges – the less reputable studios tend to offer cheap or even free shoots, and then charge excessive amounts for individual images.  You may save some money by paying for the specialist shoot and images, and arranging your own printing, as there are some very cheap on-line printing companies that provide albums.  However, if you arrange your own printing, you will be responsible for designing the layout and the quality of the end-product, whereas if the studio arranges the printing, they are responsible.

So, why not plan on giving your partner a Boudoir Photography album?  The shoot will be great fun, and your partner will certainly be surprised and delighted with their gift!

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