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Bridal Boudoir Photography - A Unique Wedding Gift

When you are planning your wedding, there are so many things to organise and arrange that it is easy to forget about buying a special gift for your partner-to-be.  All too often, the gift for the groom becomes a last minute purchase that disappears into a cupboard, and is rarely seen again.  The ideal gift for the groom should be something very personal, that captures and preserves how your partner-to-be sees you at that time in your relationship.  This may explain why Bridal Boudoir Photography has become very popular.

In general, Boudoir Photography is a unique style of makeover photoshoot, offered by specialist studios, designed to create alluring intimate images for that special person in your life.  The makeover element includes the services of a top make-up-artist, and the best studios have their own wardrobe of lingerie, other clothing and accessories, to give you whatever intimate and sensual look your partner will adore.  Thereafter, experienced boudoir photographers use special photographic techniques to transform your everyday appearance into that of a glamorous model.  The tricks-of-the-trade include: selecting the right boudoir poses and boudoir lighting to emphasise the client’s best features, using different boudoir sets and backgrounds to create the right atmosphere; and applying post-processing techniques (air-brushing) to remove those little imperfections that make us all unique!

Bridal Boudoir Photography is special type of Boudoir Photography, designed to create a permanent record for your partner-to-be of how beautiful you really are, and how lucky he is to have you as his bride.  As with all styles of boudoir photography, Bridal Boudoir Photography images are designed to be intimate and alluring, and often include a range of images in white lingerie, using bridal accessories, as a clear visual link to your wedding day.  Brides-to-be arrange a Bridal Boudoir photo-shoot with a specialist studio, are photographed in whatever intimate and sensual style they choose, and purchase a printed and bound album of the images, as their wedding present for their partner.  In the years to come, as you and your relationship mature, the album will be a constant reminder of your physical beauty and his feelings toward you, when you first married.  

So, if you want to give your partner the most unique and personal wedding gift, you should find a very good specialist Boudoir Photography studio (as the results from non-specialists can appear tacky).  When comparing studios, you should carefully consider the total cost of the shoot, and the quality of both the images and the printed albums: the best studios will offer all inclusive prices, with no hidden charges – the less reputable studios tend to offer cheap or even free shoots, and then charge excessively for the images.  You may save some money by paying for the specialist shoot and images, and arranging your own printing, as there are some very good value on-line printing companies that provide albums.  However, if you arrange your own printing, you will be responsible for designing the layout and the quality of the end-product, whereas if the studio arranges the printing, they are responsible.

In summary, if you want to give your partner-to-be the most unique and personal gift on your wedding day, plan a Bridal Boudoir photography session now, and give them a unique gift on your wedding day, that will surprise them and act as a permanent reminder of their beautiful bride.

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