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So, if you want to become a model, if you want a model career, and if you want the best chance of winning well paid modelling jobs, read on, then give us a call to discuss your model portfolio requirements - we want you to succeed!

We provide the best value model portfolio photography and model career advice services, that help both new and aspiring models launch and improve their model careers.   

High quality model portfolio photography and model portfolios enable aspiring models to become a model, launch and re-launch model careers, and give models the best chance of winning well-paid modelling jobs.  In other words, good model portfolio photography and model portfolios are the key to good modelling jobs and successful models’ careers.

High quality model portfolios have two main elements: very simple (commercial style) portraits and full-length shots to show the model’s natural look; and a range of differently styled images that both emphasise the model’s physical attributes and highlight their working styles and versatility.  Together, these model portfolio elements tell prospective employers what the model looks like, and the styles of modelling work they undertake.

LensAppeal Photography’s extensive experience in shooting model portfolios for new and established models, and the use of our model portfolio images by numerous model agencies to market their models, is proof that we can and do launch models’ careers, and enable models to source well paid work.

Model Portfolio Packages

We offer Basic and Full Model Portfolio services, giving a simple choice depending on the time you have available and the range of looks you require. Our “all inclusive” Model Portfolio fees are highly competitive and excellent value.  Other businesses offer low cost shoots and charge large amounts for photos, portfolio books and web-sites - we do not do this.

Our Model Portfolio service takes “more than a couple of hours” - it takes time to get a good portfolio.  Models bring their own clothes, and we have our own wardrobe.  Both services include advice on make-up, posing and grooming, from a top make-up artist and stylist.  Our Full Portfolio & Model Career Advice service also includes advice on becoming a model, the range of modeling jobs available, and on winning paid paid work.  

We can re-process photos to almost any desired look, from FHM-style to Vogue-style.  We can also provide A4-size printed copies of the 10 best images in a portfolio album.

Why Us for your Model Portfolio?

Realise Your Potential.   There are many myths about model careers and becoming a model. For example, there are no height limits - no model is too tall or too short.  Aspiring models need to discover their model strengths and weaknesses, emphasise the former and win relevant modeling jobs.  Few models can be good at fashion, commercial, lingerie and glamour work, but most will have a good aptitude for one or more.  The key is to discover your strengths and use them!

Cost Effective.   For every good photographer offering model portfolio photography services, there are many others seeking to exploit those who want to become a model.  Most are far more expensive than us and offer a more limited service.  Some appear cheaper but hide the real costs in inflated charges for pictures and CDs, using high-pressure sales techniques.  Others are cheaper but operate a “studio factory”, allowing insufficient time to get a good model portfolio.

Independent Advice.   Many aspiring models believe being accepted by any model agency is the gateway to immediate success: this is rarely the case.  Some agencies are very good, others are not - do you know which is which?  If you have what it takes, we will make introductions to the good ones.  Did you know many successful professional models source and manage their own work?  Do you know how to find good paid modeling jobs?  Do you know how to tailor your portfolio for different modeling jobs?  Do you know how to prepare for castings and shoots?

Safe & Secure.   All too often, throughout our careers, we repeatedly hear of aspiring models who have suffered due to a lack of good advice.  We established our model portfolio service to provide models with a safe and secure opportunity to start and develop their careers, with the great benefit of a really good portfolio and well-informed independent advice.

We can and do successfully launch new models’ careers!

Model Portfolio Service

We sincerely believe these are the best value quality Model Portfolio services in the London area.  Experienced successful professional models use us to improve their portfolios, so we know we can do something special for you!

Model Portfolio Photography

“I had a fabulous time having my photo shoot done at LensAppeal studio. Since then I have received my portfolio which I am very pleased with, I also received a list of model agencie which I have contacted and one agency has agreed to represent me as a junior model. I would like to thank you LensAppeal for all of their help so far, they have been really helfpful.

                                                                                                                                                                  Cheynee xxx”

Recent photo shoot with Cheynee

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